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Where Is Asbestos Most Commonly Found In A Home?

Asbestos is a highly toxic, naturally occurring mineral linked to serious respiratory diseases such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. Before the 1980s, when its dangers became more widespread, it was the ideal material for residential construction because of its heat resistance properties and strength. It was found everywhere and is still in many older homes and buildings. It is mixed into cement, in roofing insulation, and beneath floor tiles.

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Beyond My Expectations! | Five Star Customer Reviews

Five Star Customer Reviews for NWA Restore It, Inc.

“Beyond My Expectations!

I had a great experience with NWA Restore It. Their staff was nice and the work was done well. I really liked the way the duplex turned out, it was just beyond my expectations. I didn’t expect it to look as nice as it does now. They pretty much did everything in terms of restoration. They tore it down to the skeleton, pulled all the drywall out, and put in all new wiring, heating, air conditioning, a kitchen. It was an extensive job. I let them handle everything and everything went well. They did a wonderful job.”

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