While working with hazardous materials can be a critical and often a stressful task, NWA Restore It’s HAZMAT experts are highly trained and ready to make the cleanup as safe and cost-effective as possible.

We have certifications in the following clean up areas: methamphetamine lab decontamination, lead paint removal, and asbestos inspection and removal. You can trust us to return your property to a safe and clean living environment.


Our mission at NWA Restore It, Inc. is to make our technicians as highly trained as possible to handle your HAZMAT needs. In fact, under the ADEQ in the northwest Arkansas district, we are one of only two Accredited Clandestine Laboratory Remediation Contractors and one of nine in the whole state of Arkansas.


Over the decades, building construction has included a large variety of materials that are now considered hazardous; silica, asbestos to name a few. In addition, trauma scene clean up can often present their own set of biohazard challenges. Any of these items can pose a dangerous risk to your health, therefore it is essential to hire a qualified team to remove them. NWA Restore It, Inc. can assess your site quickly, evaluate the safest course of action, and remedy these items appropriately.  Call us today.

Hazardous Materials Removal

Typically, dangerous building materials like asbestos are secured and concealed so they don’t pose a danger. But when fire, water, storm, or other damage happens, people may unexpectedly be exposed to health hazards. After a disaster, if your assessment finds these materials, an asbestos abatement contractor should be used to collect these hazardous materials.  NWA Restore It is your best choice asbestos abatement contractor as we also know the ins and outs of a fire or water damaged property.

It is better to err on the side of caution and contract with an asbestos abatement contractor that is experienced in handling all aspects of your disaster restoration project. Our advanced training and experience ensure that we can manage the removal process effectively, using the necessary safety gear and disposal methods approved by the state.

Meth Lab Cleanup Company

With the drug crisis continuing, the probabilities that you may encounter a meth lab are higher than ever before. If you are buying a rental or flip property, you should take meth lab cleanup circumstances very seriously. To guarantee that your property is secure for habitation, the use of a skilled professional is essential for getting the job done right.  If you have any suspicion of these activities please contact us for an assessment.

Our employees are licensed and certified professionals who produce outstanding results for all meth lab cleanup situations. From thorough inspection before the cleanup to third-party monitoring, our rigorous cleanup process ensures that all hazards are eliminated and the site is safe for living.  Law enforcement officials can also count on us for crime scene cleanup and we are frequently called in by them to carefully clean up these problems.

When dealing with this hazardous situation you want a trusted meth lab cleanup company to do the job correctly and quickly.  With our knowledge and training you can rest assured that NWA Restore It is the best choice for a meth lab cleanup company in northwest AR.  Call us today for a crime scene cleanup or trauma scene cleanup assessment.


Hazardous materials can pose a severe health hazard to you. At NWA Restore It our certified HAZMAT cleanup experts are proud to offer these expertise’s to northwest Arkansas.

NWA Restore It, Inc. is accredited in various areas hazmat cleanup: 

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