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The #1 Fire Damage Restoration Company In NWA With Over 20 Years Of Experience

NWA Restore It provides 24/7 full service fire restoration. We assess damage, deliver an estimate, then restore your property to “like new” condition.

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • IICRC Certified Fire Damage Experts
  • Smoke Damage Restoration
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Why Choose NWA

  • The Only All-In-One Contractor

    Our competition stops after the affected area is stabilized, leaving you to repair and clean or find additional contractors. NWA Restore It leaves your space like new.

  • Fastest Response Times

    Every minute counts in an emergency. Reduce loss by calling us first. One of our experienced techs will arrive within the hour to quickly mitigate damage.

  • Industry Leading Service

    Our team is the most experienced in the area and is equipped with the latest technology. Your home and belongings are too important to risk on inexperienced technicians.

  • Insurance Friendly Estimates

    Our project managers are experts in enabling you to plan and navigate insurance successfully. Our priority is to return your space like new and help you get you paid.

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Austin Kennedy Five stars

I can not begin to tell you, how appreciative I am for Jeff and his team. Our house got flooded, due to a burst pipe. We never went through anything like this, ever! We took the advise of another and hired a different company to do the mitigation. I will not get into details, of the dishonest and disservice this other company caused us, but rather how NWA restore it, corrected the situation for us. Jeff and his PROFESSIONAL team, immediately recognized the problems that needed to be addressed, came up with a plan of action, and immediately went to work. Jeff (Owner) along with a supervisor, were out at our house daily, checking the moisture levels, repositioning equipment, all in order to get the atmospheric conditions right, so our home could dry properly. Once the conditions were set, it took NWA Restore it 6 days, to completely dry our home, vs the other company which took over a month and our home was still wet. I can not thank Jeff and his team with NWA Restore it enough, your company and your team saved our home/investment. You have a client for life!!

Guy LHeureux Five stars

I had pretty extensive water damage. The leak also caused a lot of black mold. The bathroom, kitchen, two bedrooms and the garage were all damaged. The work that NWA Restore It was high quality. Its hard to to explain how excellent the work was. They dried out all of the wood that was still wet. They had a crew that came in and removed all of the mold (it took a few days). I was surprised at how high quality their work was. For example, rather than just repairing the garage roof, they made it look better than it has looked in years. All of my expectations were exceeded. All of the people that I dealt with were professional and pleasant -- even when it was me changing my mind. The little things matter. One example is we wanted a specific shower head. They were able to find the exact one that we wanted. To sum it up, they made it look like it was a brand new house. I have some additional work that needs to be done that I'm not ready for, but NWA Restore It will be the place that will fix it. In the future they will be my first call.

John Lott Five stars

I've now worked with NWA Restore It twice. This most recent time was superb. Beau was our project manager and he was always responsive, and willing to include our needs in the timeline. I think on of my favorite things he had done was a very thorough walk through review of the work his company did to include a follow up text a week later. He wanted to ensure they delivered on their high quality expectations. There maybe 5 or so people who worked on our house. Jose and Endi need special mention. They should up every day on time and extremely happy. I can't tell you I much I appreciate their happiness, attention to detail.

William Callahan Five stars

I want to personally give a HIGH RECOMMENDATION for NWARestore it. I am in regular need of services for my rental home which is 1000+ miles away so I must have high level of trust in those I wish to repair anything in my townhome.

Brandon C. Five stars

Had our floors replaced by them but the LVP flooring was faulty and was damaged easily. The manufacturers wouldn't honor the lifetime warranty so NWA Restore it replaced the floor at no cost to us. They took really good care of us and went above and beyond to make sure we were completely happy with everything. I'd recommend them to anyone!

Connie Murphy Five stars

This place is awesome! After our water heater busted and flooded the place, we managed to put on our waders and call for help. They came out with an extractor, several fans and dehumidifiers to dry the place up. Fortunately it wasn't flooded enough to go fishing. After baking until we were well done, as it was hot as hell, we had our place dried. After we were finished and worried about the cost, it turned out that our landlord paid for it! Hurray! They saved the day!!!!! Hell yea!

Fire Damage Restoration

Experiencing fire damage can be incredibly overwhelming, leaving your property and personal items in ruins. It is crucial during such times to have a responsive and caring restoration company by your side. Choosing a dependable fire damage restoration service is key to managing the restoration process smoothly.

Fire and smoke damage often extends beyond what is immediately visible. Our team of experts specializes in restoring both commercial and residential properties, ensuring a comprehensive recovery. We aim to alleviate your stress by offering a total restoration solution, including the cleaning and rebuilding of your property and belongings.

  • Protection Measures: Immediately after a fire, our priority is to secure your property from further damage and potential looters. We board up windows and other openings to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Tarping: Roofs and openings are tarped to protect against additional water damage.

  • Assessment and Assistance: Our team is ready to assess your specific needs and answer any questions regarding our protection strategies.

Fire Damage Process


We make an on-site visit to assess the fire damage's source and severity and evaluate all safety hazards. Our specialists will give professional feedback and a suggested course of action.

Guide you on filing an insurance claim

We then do a thorough assessment and documentation of all damage. We help you know what to expect when filing an insurance claim and make sure that the restoration process is smooth and hassle-free.

Perform Soot and Smoke Removal

We start the work by thoroughly eliminating all smoke and soot damage in affected areas.

Deodorize and Sanitize

Specialists will deodorize and sanitize the all affected areas by smoke and soot. Our team uses deep cleaning methods and other elements to remove smoke odor and prevent further contamination.

Salvage Damaged Items

If the fire has damaged any personal belongings, we can often repair and restore what is salvageable.

Repair to Pre-loss Condition

This may include building new walls, hanging new drywall, painting walls and ceilings, laying new carpeting, replacing cabinets, professional cleaning and restoring hardwood floors.

Frequently Asked Questions