Why Mold Grows in Winter Inside a Home

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Many individuals assume that mold growth only occurs in a home after a disaster such as a river flooding or a water pipe bursting, but this is not true. Mold frequently develops in buildings during the winter because of the constant temperature changes and damp weather. In addition, some homeowners will close off certain areas of a home to save money on their heating bills, but this leads to conditions that are perfect for mold spores to thrive.

Inspect a Home for Mold

In the winter, homeowners need to complete periodic inspections of the features inside their homes to determine if mold is beginning to grow on surfaces. Several places that mold tends to grow inside a building are around window frames, between panes of glass and on windowsills. If a home is in an area with a lot of snow and ice, then a homeowner may notice a buildup of these substances directly outside the windows.

Replace Windows to Control Mold Problems

The condensation on a home’s window glass indicates that the window frames, panes and caulking are beginning to degrade. If moisture is between two panes of glass, then the windows are in bad condition and require repair or total replacement. When a homeowner decides to have windows fixed by a professional glazier, it is also important to hire the best mold remediation Bentonville, AR, company. Prevent Additional Mold Contamination

When a homeowner needs to replace windows and window frames that are contaminated with mold, the process increases the chance that spores will enter a home’s air and travel into ductwork. After the mold spores enter the venting system inside a home, there is a good chance that mold will begin to grow on insulation layers located between walls or in attics. Most homeowners do not want to replace their windows and frames in the winter, so it is essential to prevent mold growth until the spring. Here are a few ways to cope with mold in a home on windows and frames during the winter:

  • Frequent cleaning – scrub window glass, frames and windowsills
  • Drying – use a cloth or paper towels to remove condensation
  • Regulate humidity – install dehumidifier systems
  • Air circulation – make sure air is circulating inside a home
  • Heating – make sure a home is warm
  • Painting frames – painting keeps mold away from drywall

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