Tips for Improving Air Quality in Your Home and Reducing Monthly Expenses

NWA Restore It Home Air Quality

For many of us who are concerned that environmental pollution affects our health, we may be surprised to learn that our homes can present additional dangers. When we return to our havens and close the door, we like to think that we are safe in our personal retreat. However, it’s  important to check the air quality in your home, particularly If you have respiratory problems.

Hidden Air Ducts Breeding Mold and Contaminants

Some homeowners forget to think about and check air ducts because they are not constantly in view. However, these hidden areas may be the source of some serious trouble lurking in your home. As mold builds up and breeds other contaminants, an unhealthy environment can threaten your family’s health in every room.

Alarming Facts From the Environmental Protection Agency

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, home air can be 5 times more contaminated than the air we breathe outdoors. One key factor compounding this problem is dirty air duct systems and filters, which continually introduce impure elements into the atmosphere. Besides creating an undesirable place to live, this problem can increase your chances of experiencing serious health issues.

Findings From the American College of Allergies

The American College of Allergies has reported that unclean air contributes to half of all sicknesses. The following are particularly vulnerable to these problems:

  • Seniors
  • Kids
  • Pregnant women

Contact Us for Professional Air-Duct Cleaning Services

Fortunately for your family, our professional air-duct cleaning technicians can help. They will identify and eliminate impurities in the air to prevent them from traveling through your home. As a result, you will enjoy a significant improvement in the air quality in your house, where you can finally relax with complete peace of mind.

At the same time, your ventilation system will operate more effectively, ultimately reducing your monthly expenses. Are you searching for an affordable general contractor Bentonville, AR, to help you breathe easily in every way? Contact NWA Restore It, Inc. now!

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