Safety Tips for Dealing With Standing Water and Floods: Water Damage Restoration in Bentonville, AR

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With extreme changes in the climate, we continue to experience severe weather events. From heavy rainstorms to extreme floods, our families need to prepare for dealing with the resulting damage. During the heat of summertime when the risk of intense storms often increases, here are some safety tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Awareness of Powerful Flood Waters

To raise awareness about ways to deal with standing or flood waters, the CDC stresses the following:

  • Swiftly moving or shallow flood waters pose drowning risks for all children and adults, even if they know how to swim.
  • Shelter in cars, which moving water can carry away, is not sufficient.
  • Remain watchful for and avoid contact with animals, insects and reptiles, which can appear in flood waters.
  • Avoid sharp objects, such as glass or metal fragments, which may have drifted in flood waters. They can cause injury and lead to infection.

Dangers of Flood Water From Storms and Other Home Incidents

If you were displaced from your home during a flooding emergency, returning to your house can add another level of shock. Instead of feeling safe in a place where you once took shelter, you may discover complete disarray. To your horror, you may find that the flood waters have taken up residence in your home.

As you try to wade through various rooms, it is important to recognize that sewage may have traveled with the flood water into your home. To protect yourself and your family, thorough water cleanup is essential to prevent illness and injuries after flooding. As you survey the damage while trying to deal with physical exhaustion, you may not know where to begin.

Although less extreme but equally powerful, you may find yourself in a similar predicament after other frequently occurring water problems at home. In a flash, you may need to deal with quickly flowing water from the following:

  • Faulty water heaters
  • Washing machines
  • Dishwashers
  • Toilets
  • Frozen pipes

In any situation when water is threatening to destroy your home, it is urgent to take quick action. When you need help with a fast cleanup, you can depend on our company’s advanced techniques in any emergency.

Advanced Water-Drying Technique

One way that our company expedites water damage restoration in Bentonville, AR, is through the Thermal Energy System (TES). This special technique combines controlled heat and airflow to accelerate evaporation. As a result, the faster drying process decreases the potential for permanent damage in waterlogged areas.

Here are some reasons that TES is so effective:

  • The increased energy transfer to the damaged areas produces more vapor pressure to eliminate the water.
  • The ability to direct heat under the carpet, to substrates and walls or by tenting the floor with plastic expedites the process.
  • Most carpets, pads, hardwood floors, walls and substrates are dry in less than 30 hours, saving time and limiting mold production.

Compared with traditional drying methods that can take up to 5 days, this technique can restore order to your home—and life—quickly.

Certifications and 24-Hour Emergency Service

As a master restorer with IICRC certifications, our team has expertise in applied water damage restoration, structural drying as well as mold remediation and removal. We also handle odor control plus textile, carpet, upholstery and fabric cleaning. You can also depend on our highly skilled technicians for fire damage restoration, HAZMAT cleanup and more.

In addition, we are a preferred vendor for all major insurance companies. Contact us for 24-hour emergency service, or make an appointment now!

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