Repairing Water Damage Yourself Can Cost You Later

Repairing Water Damage Yourself Can Cost You Later

Facing and repairing water damage in your home can be overwhelming and scary. Dollar signs start flashing in your mind, and you imagine the worst possible scenario. It can be tempting to save a few dollars by trying to repair water damage yourself. But be warned, that can cost you later.

The average person doesn’t realize how extensive water damage can be. You may see discoloration, staining, and standing water on the surface. Nine times out of ten, unless your home is made of some impermeable material, the water has traveled deeper and further than you’d probably expect. Getting it out without causing more problems takes skill and the right equipment.

Lack of Proper Equipment

You may think you can get that water up and out of your floor with a carpet cleaner or a few fans set on high, but if the water sat for any length of time, it probably wouldn’t be enough. Subfloor material can suck up moisture and hold it, most subfloors are plyboard, after all. And if you happen to have particle board, look out. That stuff is a sponge! Let’s hope you don’t.

Regardless of what your subfloors are made of, our equipment is designed to get the moisture out as quickly and thoroughly as possible. And it’s much more powerful than the typical household fan. Combine our specialized equipment and seasoned expertise, and you’re looking at a much more streamlined and effective cleanup and restoration. Plus, we can help you save time and money by telling you what can be saved and what (if anything) can’t be.

Warm Air = Fungus

Sometimes we see well-meaning people trying to use a bit of heat with their fans to try and get the moisture out. The logic probably goes something like blow dryer = dry hair. Warm air blowing around = dry floor. Unfortunately for those folks, warm air combined with moisture can actually encourage fungus. Nobody wants to create a mold problem in their home. Yuck!

The professional equipment and process we use don’t encourage mold growth. Instead, the combo of tools and technique allow us to rid your home of excess moisture quickly and with no ‘collateral damage’ like fungus or mildew.

No Liability

L-I-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y… not a word you want to be on the wrong end of. If you “clean” and restore your water damaged home yourself, no one is on the hook if something goes wrong. Except you. That means if you inadvertently create a mold or mildew problem, you get to deal with it at your own expense.

We do our job right the first time; it’s part of our commitment to service. We like to think all other mitigators do too. If you work with a professional mitigation company, they should be liable in the case of an incorrect or incomplete cleanup and restoration. That’s peace of mind you just don’t get doing it yourself.

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