Never Try to Remove Flood Water from a Building on Your Own

commercial water damage restoration in Arkansas

The Mississippi River flows through Arkansas, and occasionally, it floods certain areas throughout the state. Excess water from this river also enters other waterways such as tributaries, lakes or ponds and can overflow, damaging buildings located nearby. If your home or business suffers from moisture damage because of a flood, then you must contact a professional water damage restoration Bentonville, AR, company. The water that overflows from natural waterways contains filthy substances that will pollute your home or business and lead to severe problems. It is never safe for amateurs to try to extract massive amounts of moisture from a building because of the dangers of crumbling materials and wet electrical wires.

Hire a Company with Professionally Trained Technicians

Rather than trying to perform a cleanup on your own, contact a company that has Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) trained technicians. When property owners select knowledge technicians, it is possible to have water-soaked materials cleaned and restored in the proper way to prevent serious damage. The IICRC offers specialized certificates that include:

  • Odor control technician
  • Commercial drying expert
  • Applied structural drying specialist
  • Applied microbial remediation technician
  • Health and safety technician

Make Sure the Restoration Company Has Specialized Equipment

To have a building restored after a flood occurs, you need to have a large team of workers available who are working on a 24-hour basis. Many restoration companies have cheap equipment that requires 3 to 5 days to dry water-damaged surfaces, and this means that property owners are unable to enter a business or home for nearly a week. When you hire a company to remove moisture from a building, make sure the business has specialized Thermal Energy Systems’ heavy-duty equipment. With this high-quality moisture extraction and drying system, a building is restored in only 30 hours.

Prevent Serious Building Damage with Faster Remediation

Thermal Energy Systems works better than other equipment by increasing the evaporation of moisture to dry all water-soaked surfaces in a flooded building faster. With faster drying, a building is less likely to have secondary damage that often occurs in a few weeks. The types of secondary damage you want to prevent in a flooded building are mildew odor and mold growth, and by drying a building in less than 2 days, surfaces such as drywall and insulation will suffer from fewer problems. Some of the problems that property owners do not want to occur after a flood are:

  • Buckling wooden floors
  • Crumbling drywall
  • Moldy insulation inside walls
  • Damaged electrical wiring
  • Warping wooden cabinets
  • Foul odors from sewage and mildew
  • Mold growth in hidden areas
  • Permanently stained carpets

Contact Us After a Flood Occurs

Because NWA Restore It, Inc. Inc., offers expert water damage restoration Bentonville, AR, cleaning and remediation services using the Thermal Energy Systems, we can restore our customers’ businesses and homes as quickly as possible. With an efficient cleanup after a flood, our customers are less like to endure huge financial losses that include needing to replace a building’s walls, ceilings and floors. Contact us!

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