Indoor Air Quality: 4 Ways Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Reduces Asthma & Allergy Symptoms

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To improve the indoor air quality of your home and clean for your health, there are certain cleaning rituals you must do –  hiring a professional deep carpet & upholstery cleaning service is one of them. A Carpet Cleaning Service can help you deep clean your upholstery, drapes, rugs and especially important, your carpets. Those who suffer with Asthma and allergies can tell when the seasons are changing by feeling their allergies intensify. That sign right there means it’s time to hire a professional deep carpet cleaning service.

We want you to breath easily and lessen your allergy flare-ups. We’re here to let you know how professional deep carpet cleaning can improve your symptoms, especially if you have wall to wall carpeting. Now, there’s no need to remove your carpets as studies have shown that having carpet doesn’t worsen your allergies, in fact, it helps reduce some of your allergies.

1. Carpet Cleaning Reduces Allergens

A carpet helps absorb and remove allergens from your breathing zone. Less airborne allergens for you to worry about. Being that these allergens are absorbed by the carpeting in your home. We recommend vacuuming on a regular basis, especially with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtered vacuum. These HEPA vacuums are more effective than a conventional vacuum. This filter will help improve indoor air quality by trapping allergens such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites and more. It’s best to run your vacuum over your carpet at least twice while vacuuming to reduce allergens.

2. Carpet Cleaning Reduces Dirt Intrusion

Not only vacuuming daily or frequently will help improve your allergies but also preventing such allergens into your home. Have mats available outside of every entrance in your home to allow visitors to wipe their feet. Have runners in high traffic areas and vacuum these runners or rugs as well. If possible have visitors remove their shoes to avoid dirt inside your home.

3. Carpet Cleaning Reduces Mold

Do not allow carpets and upholstery to remain wet for more than 24 hours. This will only allow mold and mildew to grow underneath your carpet, causing your allergies to flare. Immediately after a spill, spot dry the area by blotting and not spreading the spill further. This will also prevent the humidity to sip through down to the carpet padding causing even more damage and mildew. If unable to contain the moisture be sure to call a professional deep carpet cleaning service. Professionals have machines with high suction rates.

4. Carpet Cleaning Reduces VOC’s

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a large group of chemicals found in many products we use to build and maintain our homes. These VOCs are emitted by various products such as cleaning products, paints, and other heavy plastic products that emit these gases. Cleaning and maintaining your carpets will remove these VOCs from being entrapped in the carpet fibers and into your vacuum. Although these are gases, certain cleaning chemicals or air fresheners can be sprayed onto your carpeting.

While some people have allergies from poor indoor air quality and many particles such as pollen or dust mites, there are those that can get flare-ups with mold and other allergens. Although there are differences, there is one similarity in decreasing such allergies, maintaining a clean carpet. While you try to maintain your home and carpets clean, it’s best to hire a professional deep carpet cleaning service and certified carpet cleaner to ensure your home and carpet are fresh, clean, and allergy-free.


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