Four Important Safety Tips to Avoid a Fire

Fire and Smoke Damage Prevention Advice

When a fire occurs in a home or business, our customers need the fastest fire damage restoration Bentonville, AR, services to make the structure safe again. In many cases, we determine that the fire started because our clients were not using appropriate safety measures. It is easy for people to forget the rules that they learned in school, but we are here to offer reminders concerning several ways to avoid starting a fire.

Fire Safety Tip 1: Avoid Overloading Electrical Outlets

Avoid overloading electrical outlets from plugging in numerous appliances and electronics. Although items such as lamps use only a small amount of electricity, computers, space heaters and refrigerators need a lot of power. If someone uses devices that permit plugging in additional devices, then there is a risk of an electrical overload and fire.

Fire Safety Tip 2: Avoiding Kitchen Fires

The kitchen in a building is one of the most common places where a fire begins, and often it is because of negligence. Make sure to remain nearby when cooking food on traditional stoves or in microwave ovens. Do not place potholders or towels near a stove’s burners, and verify that window curtains cannot blow onto a hot burner.

Fire Safety Tip 3: Using Candles Safely

Many people enjoy burning candles inside a building, but these are frequently left unattended, leading to dangerous situations. Always place a candle inside a fireproof container before lighting it, and make sure to keep the burning candle in a location where children or pets cannot knock it over.

Fire Safety Tip 4: Maintain Furnaces and Fireplaces

Both fireplaces and furnaces require yearly maintenance to avoid an accidental fire. Have a professional chimney sweep inspect, clean and repair the fire pit and chimney stack to ensure that debris is removed and smoke rises quickly. Do not keep clutter around a furnace because it can block proper airflow, and change its air filter once a month to prevent it from overheating.

Contact NWA Restore It, Inc. for Additional Safety Tips

In addition, we recommend that our fire damage restoration Bentonville, AR, customers have a working smoke detector and fire extinguishers in a business or home. It is also a good idea to perform fire drills on a regular basis to make sure that everyone remembers where the exits are located inside a building.

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