roofing repair with haag certificationNWA Restore It, Inc. is a property claim specialist company with HAAG certification. This is the only roofing inspection certification recognized by all insurance companies.  As a preferred contractor for many insurance companies, we are qualified to handle both roofing claims through insurance providers as well as calls we get from individual customers.  We handle a wide variety of roofing jobs: anything from replacing entire roofs, assessing and scoping roofs for damage that is a covered insurance loss, repairing storm damage, as well as any other roofing repair or maintenance that may need to be addressed.

When looking for a roofing contractor, always make sure they are licensed and insured both for your protection as well as their own employees.  Another worthwhile effort would be to check their references.  These few steps will protect you, the customer, from any accidents or poor workmanship, while ensuring better quality work and greater satisfaction.