mold remediationMold is a natural allergen with the ability to spread rapidly, especially after a flood or other source of water damage provides the perfect conditions to grow. The extent of mold damage is often masked by sheetrock and paint, so it’s common to recognize the symptoms of mold damage without seeing dramatic visual evidence. It takes only 48 hours for a case of water damage to become a mold problem. NWA Restore It, Inc. is a certified mold remediation specialist; we have the expertise to deal with mold quickly and thoroughly.

When dealing with mold damage, specialized expertise matters not only in removing the mold itself, but also in preventing its return. If the root of the problem, such as water damage, is not addressed, it’s only a matter of time until the mold returns. NWA Restore It, Inc. is Northwest Arkansas’ mold remediation specialist, and we are proud to say that we are certified in mold remediation and the treatment of mold-damaged structures.