Caring for Water Damaged Belongings

Caring for Water Damaged Belongings

Caring for Your Belongings After Water Damage

Experiencing water in home, whether from a broken pipe or flood, means much more than the potential damage to the structure. No matter how long you have lived in your Northwest Arkansas home, you have cherished belongings, furniture, clothing, food and other necessities that may also be affected. When faced with a wet mess, it can be difficult to know where to start with the cleanup.

Tips to Salvage Items

Although not everything may be salvageable, such as exposed foods and medicine, much more can be saved. As you approach the mess, consider these tips to make the process easier.

  • Prioritize – While looking at the affected area, focus on the items that are most important. Whether it has monetary importance or is sentimental, determine what you would miss the most.
  • Dry It Out – Air drying is a vital element of determining the extent of the damage. Drying items indoors with good airflow, dehumidifiers and fans can minimize damage from spreading.
  • Gentle Touch – Some items, especially documents or photos, are extremely delicate when wet. Be sure to gently separate photo album pages and remove pictures from frames to dry. If attempting to clean anything, lightly dab instead of rubbing to prevent loose dirt or debris from scratching.
  • Cold Storage – If not everything can be gotten to, place damp items in a box or bag to be handled at a later time. Store boxed textiles, books, papers and photos in a freezer if unable to address them within 48 hours.

Professional Help

When water in home damages items, help is just a phone call away. A professional water damage and restoration company like NWA Restore It, Inc. has an array of cleaning methods, advanced technology and the know-how to help you save many of your cherished belongings. Depending on the item, techniques include wet, foam, immersion, abrasive and dry cleaning. Our team at NWA Restore It, Inc. utilizes the most advanced technology to restore your belongings after water damage. We know the importance of salvaging your belongings, because they aren’t just belongings, they are valuable family memories to reflect on as the years go by. 

The effects of water in home can seem devastating, but taking slow steps and getting the right help can make a big difference. Keep our number handy, as we never know when water emergencies will occur. Time is of the essence to ensure secondary damage is limited or prevented after water loss. Mold can grow within 24-48 hours, so we advise calling our emergency line at the first signs of water damage in your Arkansas property. Our trusted team is certified and skilled in water restoration services, and available when you need us most. 

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