Avoid Damaged Carpets: Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Bentonville, AR

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When you have an active family, your carpets show the daily grime trekked into your home. From juice spills to mud on sneakers and pet accidents, your once beige floor coverings can now look jet black. Besides the unattractive appearance, embedded dirt can present health hazards.

Have you attempted to scrub your carpets vigorously without budging the stubborn marks? After these efforts, have you made these filthy spots look even worse? Here are some pointers to avoid these pitfalls.

Eight Common Carpet Cleaning Errors

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has pinpointed eight common carpet cleaning mistakes:

  1. Scrubbing vigorously: Overzealous scrubbing damages carpet fibers. This ineffective approach for removing stains will probably push the stain deeper into the carpet. Scrubbing also damages the carpet fibers by untwisting them and causing them to fray. Blotting is usually more effective and safer.
  2. Delaying action: You have to get your children to school, so you run out the door. By the time you return home, the juice spill has dried. The carpet fibers and padding have absorbed the liquid. When you try to scrub the stain at this point, odor and mold may result.
  3. Selecting the wrong cleaning product: If you pick the wrong product, permanent damage and even discoloration may occur. Read the label thoroughly, and check that you select the right one. Then, follow the instructions carefully.
  4. Skipping new cleaning solution test: You don’t have the patience to test a new product and just want to get the job done. When you rush through this process, you may pay a higher price. Take the time to do a patch test on a hidden area to determine any chemical reactions and resulting damage.
  5. Sprinkling excessive amounts of a deodorizing powder: To eliminate a nasty odor, you may think that spreading extra powder will do the trick. However, this enthusiastic effort may backfire. You may have difficultly removing the double layer with your vacuum and be stuck with extra powder.
  6. Using excess amount of cleaning chemicals: Similarly, attacking your stain with a generous amount of the cleaning solution may not produce a cleaner carpet. Instead, the chemicals may damage the doused areas and create a buildup of dirt-friendly residue.
  7. Avoiding the expense of professional carpet cleaning:  Most carpet manufacturers recommend hiring an IICRC-certified technician to clean your carpets every12 to 18 months for warranty protection. Besides extending the life of your carpets, a professional carpet cleaner will help you enjoy a fresher indoor atmosphere.
  8. Renting faulty carpet cleaning equipment: You may think that renting carpet-cleaning equipment will help you save money. However, some rental machines are damaged or not serviced correctly. Ultimately, they can damage your carpets and leave excess cleaning solution, resulting in rapid re-soiling and even mold.

Importance of Hiring a Certified Carpet Cleaning Professional

The IIRC also stresses the importance of hiring a technician who is certified in the latest carpet-cleaning techniques. NWA Restore It, Inc. follows IICRC standards precisely and trains accordingly. Our professional carpet-cleaning services can make your carpets look and smell completely fresh again.

If you are looking for affordable carpet cleaning in Bentonville AR, call NWA Restore It, Inc. today!

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