NWA Restore It, Inc. helps protect your well-being, and budget with affordable and effective air duct cleaning strategies. Our highly skilled team handles both residential and commercial applications, utilizing top-quality technology and techniques to provide the best results.

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AIR DUCT CLEANING...why is it necessary?

Keeping a home or business clean is a constant chore.  Routine dusting, upholstery cleaning, and floor maintenance are all a part of daily or weekly duties, but often replacing the HVAC filter is neglected or ignored. Over time, dust particles build up and the filter quits working properly resulting in stress on your system and accumulation of dust in your vents.  If left unchecked, this can severely compromise the air quality of your systems and decrease its efficiency.

Air ducts collecting these dust particles can have build up after years of usage which can include layers of dust, contaminants, pollens, and other pollutants that can detrimentally influence your air quality. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, home air can be as much as five times more polluted than outside air. One of the most significant contributors to this issue is dirty air duct systems and filters that constantly deposit contaminants into your atmosphere.

Also of note is that the American College of Allergies estimates that up to fifty percent of all diseases are triggered or caused by contaminated air. Elderly adults, infants, and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to the health risks associated with dirty air, which makes maintaining clean air essential.

Blocked Dryer Duct

Fire Prevention should be on the forefront of your mind for your home or business.  Protecting your loved ones and patrons should always be a top priority.  For those businesses and homes with a clothes dryer, it is essential to pay attention to the exhaust system of this appliance.  Dryers not only vent the moist warm air to the exterior but they often use a small duct that frequently gets clogged by lint from your clothes.   A blocked dryer duct is very frequent if your dryer has a higher usage.  It is a good idea to inspect this annually to assure a clear passageway for this exhaust.  Annual recommendations include:

  • Ensure that the dryer vent is not kinked or pinched behind your dryer.
  • Remove the vent cap on the exterior of the house and inspect it to ensure that you do not have a blocked dryer duct.
  • Contact our professionals and schedule a dryer duct cleaning every few years of normal usage. 


Dryer duct cleaning is essential and all too frequently neglected. According to the US Consumer Product Protection Board, clothing dryers are accountable for more than 15,000 fires annually.

The accumulation of lint and debris inside the appliance duct decreases airflow, negatively affecting the appliance’s efficiency and creating a risk of fire. Take no chances. Rely on the technicians of NWA Restore It, Inc. for dryer duct cleaning services. We have the experience and proper tools to do the job correctly.


The residents of your home or property will experience many advantages with our fresh air duct cleaning services, particularly those who suffer from allergies or other respiratory disorders.

Having your fresh air ducts cleaned now could help increase comfort and breathability, minimize health risks and make your whole house ventilation system more effective, saving you money on your energy bill. Blockages and restrictions can build up over time and periodically cleaning your ducts is a valuable way to ensure an efficiently performing air system.

NWA Restore It, Inc. has an affordable fresh air duct cleaning service that will remove pollutants trapped in your air circulation system and can significantly improve your home’s overall air quality.

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AT NWA Restore It, INC. WE protect
our customers and Employees

All of our professionals follow preventative safety measures

  • We stay at least 6 feet away from clients and others in clients’ homes, including pets, when possible.
  • We use an appropriate mask for the task.
  • We regularly wash our hands or use hand sanitizer, if soap and water are not available.
  • Before the visit, we discuss the details of the service and may request that you send photos via text or by email,  to help reduce the amount of time spent inside your home.

What you need to know Before scheduling services or repairs?

Per CDC Guidelines:
  • Ask the service provider to wear a mask.
  • You and other household members should wear masks.
  • Stay at least 6 feet from the service provider, and limit interactions between the service provider and other household members and pets.
  • After the service is completed, clean and disinfect any surfaces in your home that may have been touched by the service provider.

NWA Restore It Inc. also provides Covid-19 Cleaning & Disinfection Service Needs