Sanitize Carpets After the Busy Holiday Season

NWA Restore It Wine spilled on carpet

After the holiday season is over, there is a good chance that your home or business has filthy wall-to-wall carpets from constant foot traffic. Money is often scarce at this time of year, but you can still find affordable carpet cleaning Bentonville, AR, services. After you take down a Christmas tree and put away all of the decorations, it is time to contact a professional carpet cleaning company with knowledgeable technicians. Removing stains and sanitizing carpet fibers is a strenuous job that requires moving furniture and appliances to shampoo away debris, but strong technicians have the equipment needed to perform this task.

We Analyze and Remove Carpet Stains

After our technicians cover floors, walls and furniture with protective tarps, it is possible to analyze the fibers to determine the best shampooing methods. If there are stains on wall-to-wall carpets, then we use the correct types of cleansers to lift the debris from fibers and underlying surfaces. Here are the types of stains that we treat before beginning overall carpet shampooing:

  • Pet stains – urine and hard waste
  • Beverages – red wine, grape juice and milk
  • Food – sticky residue from all types of food
  • Mud – carried in by foot traffic
  • Hobby supplies – melted crayons, ink or glue
  • Beauty supplies – makeup and hair spray
  • Body fluids – blood or vomit

Our Carpet Cleaning Processes will Remove Foul Odors

Each type of stain requires using the right cleansers to scrub away debris without damaging carpet fibers or removing dyes. In addition to removing ugly stains from wall-to-wall carpeting, our technicians understand how to get rid of foul odors created by pet urine or spoiled milk. We must apply cleansers that lift stains from the carpet’s backing and underlying padding in order for a carpet to look its best along with smelling fresh and clean.

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When the stains are gone from our customer’s carpet fibers, we are ready to shampoo the entire wall-to-wall carpet by using industrial-strength machines that sanitize fibers with steam. This steam helps to lift embedded debris such as dirt particles, pet hair and pollen while also eliminating pathogens such as mold spores, bacteria and viruses. As the steam lifts dirt, the shampooing machine extracts moisture and debris immediately to prevent mildew odor in the fibers. The entire affordable carpet cleaning Bentonville, AR, services performed by NWA Restore It, Inc. requires only a few hours at our customer’s business or home.

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