wood-floor-restorationDrying a true hardwood floor has numerous factors that should be considered. Our first question would be what type of wood is it, and how long has it been wet? Next, is it cost effective to dry, and can it be returned to pre-loss condition? After it is dried, will it need to be refinished; if so, how many times has it been refinished in the past? All of these questions should be answered before a decision is made. We have attended numerous classes across the country to gain as much knowledge as possible. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to help you decide between drying and replacing the floor.

In order to complete the task correctly, having the proper equipment is as important as having experience. We have tested and used most of the drying equipment available on the market. We have determined what works best and have invested in TES (Thermal Energy System), which has helped us save many wood floors that would otherwise have needed to be replaced. Not all jobs are the same. Therefore, we use various other methods as well when the situation warrants it.

We specialize in drying wood floors not only because it is the most cost efficient, but also because it keeps our customers from being out of their homes for extended periods of time. If we can successfully dry a wood floor, the time out of the home is much shorter and less cleanup is required.

NWA Restore It, Inc. is proud of the reputation we have acquired as the leading wood floor drying specialist in the area. To be able to take a saturated wood floor and return it to a pristine condition from before it was damaged is one of the most rewarding challenges we have in this business. We accept this challenge and take great pride in our accomplishments.