tes-dryingTES, Thermal Energy System, is a unique water damage restoration system that combines controlled heat and air flow to produce high-speed evaporation and dramatically improve the drying process of water damaged areas.

The more energy that can be transferred directly to the water damaged area, the more vapor pressure will build in the water, accelerating evaporation. With the TES system, heat can be directed under the carpet, directly to substrates and walls, or by tenting the floor with plastic. As a result, TES dries most class 1 and class 2 jobs in under 30 hours, including: carpet, carpet pad, hardwood, walls, and substrates. This saves time and more efficiently contains the effects of water damage by limiting the time mold has to grow and rot has to set in. Compare this to traditional drying methods that can take up to 5 days, and the TES advantage is clear.