Certified Professionals for Asbestos Inspection in Your Home: HAZMAT Cleanup in Rogers, AR


You had a leak in your roof many years ago and haven’t been able to afford to repair it. To stop water from flooding the inside of your home when it rains, you taped a piece of plastic over the opening. Each month, as the gaping hole breaks down further, you can see some of the exposed insulation.

Besides concerns about growing mold, you continue to worry about possible asbestos. You’ve read that many homes built before 1980 are particularly subject to this problem. During the last few years, your health has declined, and you wonder if these issues in your home are part of the reason.

You are concerned about the rest of your family and start to search for ways that you can keep them safe. Luckily, you find asbestos tips from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on ways to “Protect Your Family.”

Trained Professionals Need to Identify Asbestos

According to the EPA, you can’t determine if material in your home contains asbestos through an untrained visual inspection. The basic guideline is that if you have any concern, do not disturb the area. Hiring a certified asbestos professional is especially recommended in the following situations:

  • Home remodeling, which will unsettle existing materials
  • Damaged sections of your home such as crumbling drywall and disintegrating insulation

The EPA stresses that “A trained and accredited asbestos professional should take samples for analysis, since a professional knows what to look for, and because there may be an increased health risk if fibers are released. In fact, if done incorrectly, sampling can be more hazardous than leaving the material alone. Taking samples yourself is not recommended.”

Importance of Avoiding Disturbance of Materials

If you have any concerns about asbestos in your home, the best course of action is to leave the material alone. This approach will help reduce the chances of any health risks. The EPA notes that asbestos-containing materials may release fibers when they are:

  • Disturbed
  • Damaged
  • Removed improperly
  • Repaired
  • Cut

In addition, any suspect materials should not be:

  • Torn
  • Sanded
  • Sawed
  • Drilled
  • Scraped

Instead, check the area regularly for any indication of further break down. Be sure not to touch the material and simply do a visual check for damage including the following:

  • Tears
  • Abrasions
  • Water damage

If you have increasing concerns, the EPA recommends limiting access to the area. If asbestos-containing material is more than slightly damaged or if you are going to disturb the area to make repairs, it is definitely time to contact a trained asbestos professional to inspect the material.

Additional EPA Recommendations

Here are some additional suggestions from the EPA about the proper steps to take when you are concerned about asbestos in your home:

  • Don’t dust, sweep or vacuum debris that may harbor asbestos.
  • Don’t use abrasive pads or brushes on power strippers to strip wax from asbestos flooring. Never use a power stripper on flooring that may have asbestos.
  • Don’t sand or try to level asbestos flooring or its backing. When asbestos flooring needs replacing, install new floor covering over it, if possible.
  • Don’t track material with possible asbestos through the house. If you cannot avoid walking through the area, have it cleaned with a wet mop. If the material is from a damaged area or if a large area must be cleaned, call an asbestos professional.

More Information About HAZMAT Cleanup in Rogers, AR

Besides asbestos inspection, the certified HAZMAT cleanup specialists at NWA Restore It, Inc. are certified in the following areas:

  • Methamphetamine lab decontamination
  • Lead paint removal
  • Crime scene cleanup of blood borne pathogens

Although the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) does not require all of these certifications, our goal at NWA Restore It, Inc. is to to handle all of your HAZMAT needs. For peace of mind that you are living in a safe and clean home, contact us now.

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