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How To Restore Your Home After a Fire

A house fire is a devastating event from which to recover. Cleanup requires the expertise of a professional to help you get the job done right. Trained experts safely assess the fire damage, remove all destroyed materials and restore your home to its original condition.

1. Assess the Situation

In order to create a thorough plan of action, the experts must inspect your home to determine the extent of the destruction. They not only look for devastation from the fire and smoke but also inspect for water damage. The fire hose used by each firefighter emits a powerful spray of water that can thoroughly permeate the structures of your house.

2. Remove Damaged Materials

Trained professionals must remove furniture, carpeting and drywall that has blackened or begun to melt. They have the knowledge and safety techniques to remove materials that suffered fire damage, and they have the resources to dispose of them properly.

3. Eliminate Smoke and Moisture From All Interior Components and Air Industrial vacuums, air movers and dehumidifiers dry out water-damaged materials. Specialized equipment removes the smoke and dirt from salvageable structures and surfaces. Air scrubbers and specialized foggers eliminate smoke and odors from the air.

4. Restore Your Home

Returning your dwelling to its pre-fire condition is the critical final step. The restoration depends on the extent of the damage. For example, if only a couple of pieces of furniture and the carpeting were destroyed, these items need only be replaced. If reconstruction of entire rooms is required, however, major repairs may be necessary. The goal of restoration is to bring your home back to the way it was before the fire.

You should never try to move a fire from one location to another. For example, if the fire is contained in a pan and covered by a lid, you may be tempted to move it outside to your porch. Many accidents can happen on the way, though, so it’s best to just leave the grease fire where it started and deal with it there. Large Fires It will become clear pretty quickly that the fire is too large for you to handle by yourself. If you try the previously mentioned techniques and the flame still burns, it’s a job for the professionals. Get everyone out of the house immediately, and call 911. Don’t go back inside until the fire chief tells you it’s safe to do so. Call fire cleanup professionals to mitigate any damage and rebuild the marred structure. The faster you call, the less damage they are likely to have to repair. When a grease fire breaks out in your home, you may have what you need to put it out. If you aren’t able to extinguish the flame quickly, though, call experts who can help you minimize its effects and repair the damage that occurs.

If you are dealing with fire damage to your home in Bentonville, AR, it is critical to call a fire restoration service with NWA Restore It, Inc. as soon as possible. Our team of experts will mitigate the devastation and work with you to find the best course of action to restore your property.

Quick Tips for Saving Water-Soaked Electronics

My Electronics Have Water Damage, Now What?

Just about everyone has experienced the pain of electronic damage after an unfortunate drop or puddle. Because water and electronics do not mix, after your business experiences flooding, you might be thinking there is nothing you can do but be out thousands of dollars to replace your electronics. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can help save your equipment.
The first step is to turn off the power. This helps to reduce the risk of wiring issues and electrical fires after a water loss. This also reduces the risk of harm to those still on the property after a loss.
Before touching flooded electronics, there are a few things you want to do:


Turn off the building’s main power Unplug the device if it is safe to do so Remove the battery Verify that there is no power to the device

This can prevent a nasty shock. If the device was not on and it does not have an internal battery, there might not be any damage once it dries out. Do not power it on until you are certain it is completely dry.

The second step is to disassemble the device. Only follow this step if you are experienced with the make of the electronic.
If you know what you are doing, you can disassemble the device to let out the rest of the water and speed drying. Check the manufacturer’s warranty to ensure that taking it apart does not void your policy.
Use a Light Acid or Base To Clean the Components
To clean flooded electronics, take a weak acid or base such as water mixed with laundry detergent and wipe off the components. This can remove any residue left behind as it dries. Be sure to use a soft nonstatic cloth or cotton swab dipped in the solution to prevent corrosion. You have to be very careful when doing this. It is very easy to damage the tiny components.
Call In a Professional
When in doubt, call a company specializing in water damage and wet electrical components in Fayetteville, AR. Professionals know what to do and can help you decide the best way to dry out your electrical devices.Flooded electronics may be salvaged if you take the correct action. Our team has a full contents restoration division, where we restore items after fire, water, and flood damage. We utilize several different methods to restore both hard and soft contents affected by disaster.
Remember, safety is your first priority. If you are unsure whether it is safe, contact the professionals at NWA Restore It, Inc. Our team works around the clock to ensure the homes and businesses in our community are taken care of after water, fire, mold, and storm damage. We are a full service restoration company. From mitigation to reconstruction, our team is equipped to handle it all. For fast and efficient disaster restoration services, don’t hesitate to give our team at NWA Restore It a call!

NWA Restore It COVID-19 Letter To Customers


A Letter to Our Customers

On behalf of everyone at NWA Restore It, we are sending heartfelt wishes to you and your families during this trying time. We sincerely hope you and your loved ones are healthy, and we hope you are successfully managing the stressful personal challenges caused by the many impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just as we have for almost two decades, NWA Restore It remains committed to our long-standing mission of helping those in our communities respond rapidly to emergencies so they can quickly return to normal operations. This has been our mission from day one, and it will continue to be at the forefront of our efforts as we navigate the new unchartered territory that the spread of COVID-19 has presented to you, our valued customers, and all of Northwest Arkansas. Here are some of the key things the NWA Restore It leadership team is focused on right now to support our customers:

  • Monitoring guidance from National and Local health authorities and governments so we can adapt our cleaning and safety processes and protocols as needed, to meet the needs of our community. Our coronavirus task force has developed response plans to assist you and your business if you are faced with the coronavirus. Our team members are IICRC-certified for biohazard remediation, containment and decontamination procedures.
  • Working diligently to marshal all of our resources to support customers in this time of elevated need for our services. NWA Restore It is an essential service provider. This designation enables our frontline team members access to provide much needed cleaning and applying disinfectant support to those community service organizations that must remain open for business throughout this crisis.
  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, who are the heart of our operations. Their professional training has prepared them for this moment of need, and our teams are doing extraordinary work to help customers respond to situations related to COVID-19. We are proud of the work our employees are doing to help our customers respond to this unprecedented challenge.

We have worked with many of you for years to support your operations and protect your employees and families, and for that we have much gratitude. We hope you continue to trust in us to protect our community during this time. Given how quickly circumstances around the coronavirus outbreak are changing, we will continue to share important updates with you. In the meantime, please alert us if you have questions, by contacting NWA Restore It at 479-644-4246.

More than ever, we are all in this together, and we are committed to supporting you and our communities through the challenges you may face today and in the coming months.


Belinda & Kerry Tyler, Owners

NWA Restore It, Inc.

What Is Contents Cleaning?

At the contents cleaning facility, your contents will be stored until they are cleaned. When it’s their time to be cleaned, boxes will be opened one by one. Your contents will be inspected by cleaning specialists, who will determine the best way to proceed. They’ll choose the best cleaning processes and cleansers based on the type and extent of the contamination. Items affected by smoke damage may be cleaned differently than those affected by a flood.

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Why Mold Damage Remediation Is So Important

Indoor moisture problems occur in all climates throughout the United States and Canada. Common symptoms are mold, mildew, and condensation. Mold can cause a number of problems after it starts growing on any of the building materials in your home. While there are many steps that can be taken to prevent mold growth and taking these measures is much easier than removing it, sometimes mold still finds its way in. Mold Damage Remediation is likely the best route for you and your family or your business. Most importantly, the faster the response time is what goes into determining the amount of damage. Mold can wreak havoc on your home or place of business without proper attention.

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Storm Damage Roof Review: “Response time to repair our storm damaged roof was very impressive”

Here is an impressive review about a customer’s storm damaged roof and the response time it took our team to get to the place of residence.

Five Star Restoration Reviews about Storm Damaged Roof for NWA Restore It, Inc.

“Response time to repair our storm damaged roof was very impressive, and the guys were very professional. If needed, I will call them again.

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