Are your restoration methods safe?

Our first priority is the safety of our customers. We take every precaution to ensure that no harm comes to you or your home or office.

Are you registered with the Better Business Bureau?

We are a Better Business Bureau accredited business with their A+ rating.

How long does it take to dry a home or office that has been affected by water damage?

Most structures can be dried in three days or less. However, when the moisture goes undetected for a prolonged period of time, this can cause bound moisture and sometimes takes longer to dry. We have a "TES Unit" (Thermal Energy System), which can speed up the drying process to as little as one day in certain circumstances.

Can you remove pet odors?

We have extensive cleaning services and extreme odor removal processes. Most pet odors can be removed during the normal process of cleaning carpet, upholstery cleaning, and/or odor removal. We have successfully removed skunk and other rodent odors. For instance, a skunk was in a home and sprayed throughout the house and we were able to completely remove the odors. In another example, a skunk got caught in the wall of a new home. We located the animal, cut it out of the wall and removed the odors.

How often should carpets be cleaned?

Normally one time per year should be adequate. However, in heavy traffic areas, more frequent cleanings may be necessary. Most carpet manufacturers recommend you not go longer than two years without a professional cleaning.

What costs are involved to have carpets cleaned?

Our minimum charge is $110 plus tax for one area. An area is considered to be approximately 250 sq. ft. which is an average size family room. Throughout the year, we may have specials where we do 3 areas and a hall for $99 or 5 areas and a hall for $130.

Will spots be removed as part of the normal carpet cleaning process?

This can sometimes be a complex question. Most spots can be removed with a normal efficient carpet cleaning. However, what we call specialty spots, like Kool-Aid, red wine, rust, ink, etc. need to be addressed with special chemicals and procedures. If the spots have not been "locked in" by the home owner using products they have on hand or another carpet cleaner, we can usually get them out.

Why do spots sometimes reappear after the carpet is dry?

This is referred to as "wicking." There are several methods to treat this type of resoiling. It may be as simple as coming back and doing a "Bonnett Clean." If a carpet is cleaned and stains return after drying, they can often be permanently removed with Bonnett Clean or a more aggessive cleaning, such as: removing and replacing the pad and cleaning the underside of the carpet. This may be caused by a soapy residue left on the carpet by failing to properly rinse the carpet or failing to neutralize the cleaners used.

How long should we stay off of the carpet after it is cleaned?

Approximately 2 hours should be adequate in most cases. If you need to be on the carpet before that time, we recommend removing your shoes to prevent soiling the wet areas.

Most carpet cleaners offer a Scotchguard type treatment. Is this necessary or just an added expense?

We use a product that not only protects from staining, but also is warranted to slow down the wear on the carpet fibers.

What causes carpet to lose its stretch and become lumpy?

This usually happens only if the carpet was installed improperly. It may take a significant amount of time for it to occur, but still goes back to the installation.

Can lumpy carpet be repaired or does it have to be replaced?

We have technicians on our staff with the ability to restretch the carpet.

What should I do if I have further questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us. You can use our contact information listed below or visit our Contact page to get in touch.