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Common Questions About Black Mold

If your home in Little Rock, AR is experiencing unwanted fungal growth, black mold is most likely the culprit. Whether the mold occurs in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom it can become a health risk. If you’re unsure which type of mold you’re dealing with, then it’s a good idea to have a professional mold inspection conducted. Calling on the professionals is never a bad idea, we are always available twenty four seven. Even if the call only serves to confirm your suspicions, it’s still worth your piece of mind. NWA Restore It is the number one choice for restoration in Arkansas. In the meantime, read on to have your most common questions answered.


1. What Does Black Mold Look Like?

Much like the name implies, this fungus appears black or dark green in color. When you find it, it looks like a dark stain spreading across the surface of the affected area. In some cases, it may even have a fuzzy or a slimy texture. Black mold is most commonly found in the bathtub, shower, or fridge. 

2. Where Does it Typically Grow?

This specific variety of mold needs a constant water source in order to thrive. As such, you can typically find it growing in areas of your home that come into contact with a lot of water, such as your kitchen, bathroom, basement, laundry room, and garage. It’s not uncommon to discover it growing in areas that have recently suffered from water damage as well. If a faucet is left running or a pipe starts leaking, there is the potential for mold to continue growing.

3. How Do You Get Mold?

House mold is a result of excessive moisture being trapped inside. This can come in the form of especially high indoor humidity levels, excessive amounts of condensation or simply neglecting to clean spills and puddles for too long. Mold growth is also a form of secondary damage after a flood, water leak, toilet overflow, etc. If your home has recently suffered any type of water damage, then you should have a professional mold inspection conducted. The longer you wait it out, the more damage will spread, and the more costly your remediation services will become. 

4. How Can You Get Rid of Mold?

The good news is that you should be able to solve the majority of mold problems by yourself. Provided they haven’t gone unnoticed for too long, although, remember bleach does not suffice. You can use commercial mold cleaners to do the job, or create your own non-toxic cleaner using equal parts white vinegar and water. Did you know that vinegar is a great cleaning solution? It strips down bacteria without releasing toxins. Always make sure to call for a professional mold inspection if you’re unsure of the situation. Likewise, you should contact mold remediation experts if you find that your home’s mold issue is too large for you to handle by yourself. The experts at NWA Restore It Inc. can help. Our team is available 24/7, 365 days a week.  

3 Things to Know Before Fixing a Dripping Faucet

A leaking faucet can be a nuisance and an expense to homeowners in Centerton, AR. The dripping sound alone sound be bothersome enough, to do something about it.There are a few things to know before you can fix it, such as the reason for the leak and the parts you will need. A leak could mean a task as minimal as replacing a washer, or as laborious as replacing an entire faucet. Children and cats can be the culprit of faucets leaking and causing a multitude of damage. Here are three things to know before fixing a dripping faucet:

Know What Type of Faucet You Have Installed

Different types of faucets call for different solutions. The style types include:

Ceramic disk faucet Ball faucet Cartridge faucet Compression faucet

These fall under the traditional, contemporary, and transitional categories. Identifying the style of the faucet you are working with is important for knowing what parts to purchase. For example, a ball faucet has a different working mechanism than a cartridge faucet. Knowing the difference will save you extra trips to the home improvement store. Being prepared can only help lower your service costs in the long run.

Identify the Cause of the Leak

A leaking faucet can have various causes. A damaged cartridge or O-ring would only mean replacing these parts. Mineral buildup inside of the structure can cause it to work less efficiently at stopping the water flow. Here, you may be able to take it apart and clean the minerals away. Sometimes, its parts are so corroded from water flow, they are irreplaceable and call for the entire structure to be replaced. Although this process can be complicated, it’s always okay to ask for assistance. 

Replace the Parts or the Entire Faucet

Once you have identified the type and cause of your leaking faucet, you can take the next steps to fix it. Be sure to stop the water, and plug the drain before taking the faucet apart so that no nuts or bolts fall through it. If you need to replace the entire faucet, be sure to research which style you would like installed and its working parts for an easier fix in the future.

Any leak in your bathroom should not be left unattended in Centerton, AR. A fixed leak means less money spent on your water and sewage bill. The sooner the professionals are on the case, the more time and money it saves everyone. It also prevents water waste and damage in your home. Also, a helpful tip is turning your faucet on for periods of time can prevent frozen pipes in the winter. 

Caring for Water Damaged Belongings

Caring for Your Belongings After Water Damage

Experiencing water in home, whether from a broken pipe or flood, means much more than the potential damage to the structure. No matter how long you have lived in your Northwest Arkansas home, you have cherished belongings, furniture, clothing, food and other necessities that may also be affected. When faced with a wet mess, it can be difficult to know where to start with the cleanup.

Tips to Salvage Items

Although not everything may be salvageable, such as exposed foods and medicine, much more can be saved. As you approach the mess, consider these tips to make the process easier.

Prioritize – While looking at the affected area, focus on the items that are most important. Whether it has monetary importance or is sentimental, determine what you would miss the most. Dry It Out – Air drying is a vital element of determining the extent of the damage. Drying items indoors with good airflow, dehumidifiers and fans can minimize damage from spreading. Have a Gentle Touch – Some items, especially documents or photos, are extremely delicate when wet. Be sure to gently separate photo album pages and remove pictures from frames to dry. If attempting to clean anything, lightly dab instead of rubbing to prevent loose dirt or debris from scratching. Cold Storage – If not everything can be gotten to, place damp items in a box or bag to be handled at a later time. Store boxed textiles, books, papers and photos in a freezer if unable to address them within 48 hours.

Professional Help

When water in home damages items, help is just a phone call away. A professional water damage and restoration company like NWA Restore It, Inc. has an array of cleaning methods, advanced technology and the know-how to help you save many of your cherished belongings. Depending on the item, techniques include wet, foam, immersion, abrasive and dry cleaning. Our team at NWA Restore It, Inc. utilizes the most advanced technology to restore your belongings after water damage. We know the importance of salvaging your belongings, because they aren’t just belongings, they are valuable family memories to reflect on as the years go by. 

The effects of water in home can seem devastating, but taking slow steps and getting the right help can make a big difference. Keep our number handy, as we never know when water emergencies will occur. Time is of the essence to ensure secondary damage is limited or prevented after water loss. Mold can grow within 24-48 hours, so we advise calling our emergency line at the first signs of water damage in your Arkansas property. Our trusted team is certified and skilled in water restoration services, and available when you need us most.