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Fire Prevention During the Holidays

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Most people love the holidays; it’s a time of the year for gifts to be exchanged, family to get together, decorations, and just overall happy vibes. However, the risk of having a house fire is much higher during the holidays than it is during other times of the year. This is because people often put up lights that use electrical cords and have fires in their fireplaces. Even though the holidays are bound to bring cheer and joy to your household, you still need to be sure that it’s not at risk of catching fire. The last thing you want to deal with during such a joyful time of the year is a house fire that’s sure to put a damper on everybody’s uplifted moods.

Before you go hanging up lights and chopping firewood, it’s a good idea to take some precautionary measures that will ensure your home is as safe as possible. Here are some simple things you can do that will decrease the risk of a house fire dramatically:

  • Check the flue in your fireplace and ensure that it is wiped clean and doesn’t contain any debris. A clogged flue can cause a number of problems for your home–from smoke damage to actual fires.
  • Be sure that your Christmas lights are used in moderation. Excessive lights on your Christmas tree can heat it up to well over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is going to make your home uncomfortable and dangerous.
  • Only burn wood in your home that is deemed safe for fireplaces. It may be tempting to pick up some free wood you find on the side of the road, but different trees are going to burn differently. You don’t want to light your fireplace with logs that are going to sizzle, pop, and throw sparks all over your living room.
  • Before using your fireplace, ensure that there are no cloth materials anywhere near it. It’s classic to hang stockings over the fireplace, but try putting them on the wall above it instead. A hot-burning fire may provide enough heat to ignite one of those stockings and start a fire inside your home.

If you take care to fire-proof your home, then you won’t need to worry as much about any surprises happening during the holiday season. Also, you should make sure to purchase Christmas lights that come with safety fuses in the plugs that prevent electrical circuits from becoming overwhelmed. Some people tend to load up their Christmas tree with lights, which is fine in most cases, but only if the right type of lights are being used.

It may be tempting to leave your Christmas tree in the front window where everybody can see and admire it, even during the night, but you should unplug the lights from the wall before going to bed. Taking these simple steps before jumping into the holidays will ensure that you and your family members can truly enjoy the holiday season with peace of mind.

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Leave the HAZMAT Cleanup to the Professionals

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Whether in a residential or business setting, exposure to hazardous material can cause many heath issues. That is why it is important to contact our professional hazmat cleanup service; it can save you the headache of trying to deal with the outcome.

Some problems our affordable restoration company will perform –

Lead Paint Removal – DIY lead paint removal can cause blood poisoning as well as health conditions (especially in children) including retardation, ADHD, nerve damage, and seizures. Of course, leaving this hazardous paint in your home or business is not advised. Contacting the cleanup specialists to properly strip, contain and dispose of the lead-based paint.

Asbestos Inspection – According to the Cancer Society, breathing in an environment affected with asbestos can cause damage to your lungs or even cancer. If you are concerned about safety and not sure if your insulation or the “popcorn” textured surfaces of your ceiling are filled with asbestos, it would be a good idea to contact an expert for further investigation.

Crime Scene Sanitation – Blood, tissues, bone fragments are the usual remnants of a traumatic scene. Most people do not have the fortitude to deal with the aftermath. Besides, this type of cleanup has to be extremely thorough to pass industry standards.

Meth Lab Decontamination – Meth labs can leaves a lot of toxic waste in the environment, as well as in the areas used to mixed the chemicals. Because meth usually consist of elements including solvents, explosives and corrosive materials, sinks, walls, flooring and even the air ducts can become contaminated. Our hazmat cleanup company is qualified to handle the plight and perform the tough job of cleaning up.

About NWA Restore It

Located in Northwest Arkansas, NWA Restore It is a certified HAZMAT and affordable restoration company specializing in commercial and residential waste removal and cleaning. We offer in-depth cleaning for methamphetamine lab, removal of crime scene debris and utilizing our formulated cleaner to meet the standards of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. Lead Paint analysis and asbestos inspection are also services we provide.

Please do not hesitate to visit us at for more information about all our cleaning and restoration services.