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Danger of Consumer Fireworks


If you or curious teenagers are thinking about setting off your own fireworks, don’t! The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has alerted the public about the danger of consumer fireworks. According this coordinator of the Alliance to Stop Consumer Fireworks, U.S. fire departments needed to squelch an annual average of 18,500 fires, which resulted from fireworks between 2009 and 2013.

These fires included:

  • 1,300 structures
  • 300 vehicles
  • 16,900 outside and other locations

These emergencies killed two people every year. In 2015, two NFL players also lost their fingers in fireworks tragedies.

Devastating Fireworks Injuries

The NFPA also reports that fireworks were responsible for nearly half (47%) of the fires on July 4 in the United States. Most of these injuries occur without a fire starting. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than half of fireworks accidents each year injure the extremities including:

  • Hand or finger (36%)
  • Legs (14%)
  • Arms (5%)

Most of the other injuries impacted the head (38%) including the eye (16% of total). According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s 2014 Fireworks Annual Report, fireworks were the source of approximately 10,500 injuries, requiring U.S. emergency department treatment in 2014:

  • Fireworks injured 35% of people who were younger than the age of 15.
  • Children between the ages of 5 and 9 needed extensive emergency treatment.
  • Seventy-four percent of those with fireworks-related injuries were males, while 26 percent were females.

Fireworks Trapping People in House Fires and Injuring Children

In 2014, 11 non-occupational fireworks-related deaths also occurred in the United States. Several involved people who did not set off fireworks but were trapped in house fires, which the explosives caused. With the help of firefighters, you may escape harm but need to deal with widespread damage in your home after the fire including:

  • Water
  • Smoke
  • Soot
  • Odor damage

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Salvage Water-Logged Homes: Advanced Drying System for Water Damage Restoration


If you’ve ever experienced a flood entering your home, you know that water is a force to contain. When an intense rain storm or broken pipe sends water streaming uncontrollably through your house, the damage can be significant. If you want to salvage any items during water damage restoration, you need to act quickly.

You’ll need to contend with the following:

  • Soaked belongings, floors and carpets
  • Difficult to remove odor
  • Threat of mold

In a panic, you may throw some towels around different rooms, hoping they will sop up the water. Then, you work with your mop vigorously, trying to squeeze out knee-high water that doesn’t seem to disappear. Hours later, you survey the damage, which hasn’t improved despite your vigilant efforts.

Effective Drying Method

When you are dealing with water-logged items, you need professionals to help with the restoration process. At NWA Restore It, Inc., we use the most advanced systems for drying your property effectively. Our experts have determined that TES (Thermal Energy System) is a unique water damage restoration system that produces the desired results.

Are you wondering how this system works? TES combines controlled heat and air flow to expedite evaporation and dry water-damaged areas quickly. By transferring more energy to the water-damaged area, vapor pressure increases and speeds up evaporation. With the TES system, heat can be targeted to the following areas:

  • Carpets
  • Substrates and walls
  • Floors

Our advanced system will do the following:

  • Save you time
  • Restrict water damage
  • Limit mold growth and rot

Contact Us for Water Damage Restoration Rogers AR Has water streamed through your home and threatened to ruin your floors, carpets and personal belongings? You can salvage many of these items if you act quickly and use our TES drying system. For 24/7 emergency services, contact us for water damage restoration Rogers AR.

Professional Carpet Cleaning: Most Effective Results


Just imagine if you placed a video camera on your carpet to capture the activity of a typical day. The constant foot traffic alone is enough to give even the most dirt-resistant fibers a severe beating. Then, add the following to the mix for a serious grime challenge:

  • Children’s mud-covered sneakers
  • Pet dander and other accidents
  • Spilled wine and embedded stains

Frustration From Failed Attempts to Clean Carpet Properly

Keeping a clean home is important, so you’ve probably tried your hand at removing spots on your carpet. The only catch is that if you don’t know the right techniques, you may make the issues even worse. Here are some of the complications that may occur when you don’t hire a professional:

  • Spreading stains even further
  • Wearing down carpet fibers from constant scrubbing
  • Damaging the carpet with use of incorrect cleaning solutions

Best Approach to Prepare for Summer Parties and Celebrations

With the summer season under way, you may be getting your home ready for parties and celebrations. From festivities after graduations to Father’s Day celebrations, you want to make sure that your guests feel comfortable in a clean home. To spare you any embarrassment about filthy carpets, our team of certified technicians can ensure that your carpets smell fresh and look their best!

Tougher Carpet Challenges After Water or Fire Damage

Beyond preparing for these activities, you definitely need a professional if your carpets have suffered after water or fire damage. Even with rigorous attempts, most homeowners cannot deal with drenched carpets or remove soot properly. For the most effective remedies, our experienced professionals are available on a 24/7 emergency basis.

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