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Asbestos Health Hazards in Your Home


You can rely upon our services when you need an affordable general contractor Bentonville, AR to inspect your home for possible dangers from asbestos. Our customers can depend upon the reliable advice from our qualified professionals. Asbestos is recognized as a health hazard. The material was used as insulation in several products until the information about the health problems was finally documented. We can inspect your home and then inform you about potential dangers from asbestos, which may be concealed in the ceiling insulation or in the fireplace.


The risk factors are increased when a person is close to asbestos such as close enough to inhale the asbestos fibers. Some of the illnesses that are associated with asbestos are lung cancer and mesothelioma. The illnesses usually result in death. The material was used as an insulation to control heat transfer and to prevent fires. The roof, concrete, bricks, floors, ceilings and drywall in your home could contain asbestos.

Hazardous Materials

Most hazardous materials are controlled by government regulations. The hazardous materials must only be used according to the stipulations in the regulations, which are designed to protect the public. If a hazardous material is not listed in a government regulation, then the potential problems cannot be controlled. There are several documented reports that link asbestos to many illnesses. Some homeowners may not be informed about the different products that could contain asbestos.

Asbestos Inspections

We can inspect your home and offer you advice about safe methods that can be used to control the dangers from asbestos such as methods for removing all asbestos from your home. The health risks will increase during the procedures for removing the asbestos because some of the material will be shredded into tiny particles. The technicians must wear personal protective equipment and should carefully avoid any actions that could contaminate the surrounding areas with the tiny particles of asbestos.

Hazards in Your Home

Your home is a sanctuary that should be a safe place for you and your family. We understand the dilemma that is faced by many homeowners who have purchased a home without being informed about the asbestos that is in the attic ceiling or the asbestos that has been hidden under the aluminum siding on the exterior of the house. Please contact NWA Restore It, Inc. when you need an affordable general contractor Bentonville AR to inspect your home for asbestos hazards.

Reduce Respiratory Distress by Having Mold Removed from a Home


You might think that a child’s frequent coughing or sneezing is caused by common illnesses such as a cold or influenza, but the symptoms are actually from the mold contamination inside a home. It is possible to have a home that looks spotlessly clean with no clutter, but there are still mold spores floating in the air. The symptoms of mold in a home include:

  • Throat irritation
  • Chest tightness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Wheezing
  • Runny nose
  • Congestion
  • Sinus pain
  • Watery eyes
  • Itchy skin

Mold contamination affects each person differently, and this is a major reason that the problem goes unnoticed for months and years. Infants, senior citizens and individuals with immunity problems are more susceptible to having allergic responses to mold. If mold is in a home, then it can also lead to severe asthma attacks.

Request Air Quality Tests

Most mold contamination in private residences is hidden in areas where no one can see it until drywall or other materials are torn away. One of the best ways to learn if mold is growing in a home is to have air-quality testing from professionals. If the tests reveal that mold is growing in a home, then you need to hire the best mold remediation Bentonville, AR, company to make repairs. Technicians can determine where the mold is growing and create a plan to remove the contamination. In many situations, families must leave a home during the cleaning process because mold spores tend to float through the air while materials are removed.

Hazardous Materials Removed From Site

Technicians will try to prevent additional contamination by sealing off certain areas of a home or covering vents and ductwork. Simply applying cleansers such as bleach to mold is not enough to get rid of the problem because the spores are too tiny to see. A remediation team must remove materials such as wallpaper, insulation and carpets to reach the underlying foundation of a building. In addition, all of the materials removed from the building are considered hazardous and require specialized disposal to prevent contaminating other buildings.

Call Us Today

After NWA Restore It, Inc. has completed the best mold remediation Bentonville, AR, services in a home, we perform a new air quality test to ensure all of the contamination has been removed. With a large team of technicians, homeowners can have mold contamination removed from a building efficiently, so they can move back into a home as soon as possible. For additional information about mold cleanups, contact us at NWA Restore It, Inc. today!

Prevent Springtime Allergies by Having Your Home’s Carpets Cleaned


If you suffer from springtime allergies, then keeping a home extra clean can reduce your symptoms. Allergies to plant pollen and dust that filters through a home’s window screens and ventilation system can make you feel miserable. In addition to having watery and itchy eyes, you may have constant nasal congestion, skin rashes and severe headaches. Experts recommend using a high efficiency particulate air filter in a home’s furnace or air conditioner to prevent allergies, but it is also important to use a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. This type of filter is designed to capture nearly 100 percent of the particles of dust and pollen that enter a home to prevent the uncomfortable symptoms caused by allergies.

Vacuuming Does Not Keep Carpets Completely Clean

Despite vacuuming your home daily and using equipment that filters the air, your home’s wall-to-wall carpets are probably covered with pet dander and other allergens. Finding an affordable carpet cleaning Bentonville, AR, company to sanitize wall-to-wall carpets frequently can help to make you feel better on a daily basis. The pollen from plants is tiny and enters home’s in a variety of ways. After pollen enters a building, it floats through the air and settles on the top surface of the carpets. As people walk through a home, the pollen is pushed deeper into the fibers of the carpets. Not only is pollen in the carpet’s fibers but it is also embedded underneath on the carpet’s padding.

Types of Contamination Removed from Carpets

Professional carpet cleaning with high-quality steam equipment will lift debris, including pollen from the deepest layers of wall-to-wall carpets. The steam from carpet-cleaning equipment also eliminates pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. If there are dust mites or the insect’s skin particles and waste on a carpet’s fibers, the carpet-cleaning machine will suction the debris for proper disposal outside a home. Here are some of the types of contaminants removed when a carpet is shampooed and sanitized:

  • Plant pollen
  • Dust mites and the insect’s debris
  • Household dust
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Pet stains and hair
  • Food and beverage spills

Call Us to Schedule Carpet Cleaning in Your Home

NWA Restore It, Inc. offers affordable carpet cleaning Bentonville, AR, services at residential and commercial properties. Having a home’s carpets sanitized in the spring can help you to avoid the uncomfortable symptoms caused by your allergies to plant pollen. With an online form at our company’s website or a telephone call, you can schedule an appointment to have carpets sanitized as quickly as possible. Contact us!

Revive Beautiful Wood Floors: Water Damage Restoration Springdale, AR


Many home buyers are attracted to the beauty of natural wood floors. They prefer to purchase properties with the earthy effect of this material, which creates a cozy ambience. However, after they are settled in a house with these floors and experience a flood, they are at a loss how to restore their floors to pre-loss condition.

Factors to Consider When Restoring Hardwood Floors

An experienced team of technicians will know the critical factors to consider when attempting to revive hardwood floors. Here are some of the essential points:

  • Type of wood
  • Length of time material has remained wet
  • Cost-effectiveness for drying floor
  • Possibility of quality restoration
  • Need for refinishing after drying
  • Number of times previously restored

A knowledgeable hardwood-floor restoration team will carefully and honestly weigh the pros and cons before making a recommendation to homeowners. Hardwood floor specialists will provide accurate information, so an intelligent and practical decision can be made.

Other Essential Elements for Proper Hardwood Floor Restoration

When you select a company to save your hardwood floors, many other elements will ensure the desired results. They include:

  • Technicians who have attended ongoing educational classes to learn up-to-date techniques
  • Latest equipment and prior testing to achieve the ultimate outcome
  • Investment in a thermal energy system, with the capability of saving many otherwise unsalvageable hardwood floors
  • Knowledge of various techniques to accommodate the needs of individual situations

Benefits of Hiring a Specialist in Drying Wood Floors

When you are trying to find a way to restore hardwood floors to their natural glory, it is wise to find an specialist with expertise in this area. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Cost-efficiency, which will help you avoid needing to hire another company
  • Shorter periods required away from your home while the job is completed
  • Reduction in cleanup needed when knowledge technicians handle the project

Contact us for Water Damage Restoration Springdale, AR

If you recently experienced a flood that damaged your once gleaming hardwood floors, don’t despair. NWA Restore It, Inc. specializes in hardwood floor drying and can help you reclaim this asset in your home. To schedule an appointment, contact us now!

Air-Duct Cleaning and Best Mold Remediation Rogers, AR


For years, you’ve struggled to pinpoint an underlying problem with your health. You feel congested and cough constantly, which prompt you to wake up repeatedly through the night. As you drag sluggishly through the day fighting off headaches and a general malaise, you continually search for the source of your troubles.

Hidden Problems Right in Your Home

Did you ever think that the problems with your health could be lurking right in your home? In the very place where you hope to remain safe, hidden problems can threaten the well-being of your entire family. For example, many homeowners forget to consider the importance of air-duct cleaning.

Reasons to Schedule Regular Air-Duct Cleaning

Even though you can’t see air ducts, they are critical elements to keep on your regular home maintenance list. Here are several reasons why:

  • Contaminated air ducts can severely affect your health and the air quality in your house.
  • They can breed mold and other biological contaminants.
  • Air ducts can provide a gateway to trouble in every room of your home.

Air-Duct Reality Check

If you are still questioning why it is necessary to spend money on air-duct cleaning, here is a reality check:

  • The Environmental Protection Agency indicates that the air in your house can be as much as 5 times more contaminated than the air outdoors.
  • The American College of Allergies has reported that contaminated air aggravates 50% of all sicknesses.

Filthy filters and air-duct systems continually add new contaminants into the air in your home. Seniors, children and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to contaminated-air health risks. Given these concerns, what should a responsible homeowner do?

Contact Us for the Best Mold Remediation Rogers, AR

The professional air-duct cleaning team at NWA Restore It, Inc. has immediate solutions to remove any contaminated air in your home. Our mold remediation services will improve the air quality in your house. To protect your family’s health, contact us now!