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Four Important Safety Tips to Avoid a Fire


When a fire occurs in a home or business, our customers need the fastest fire damage restoration Bentonville, AR, services to make the structure safe again. In many cases, we determine that the fire started because our clients were not using appropriate safety measures. It is easy for people to forget the rules that they learned in school, but we are here to offer reminders concerning several ways to avoid starting a fire.

Fire Safety Tip 1: Avoid Overloading Electrical Outlets

Avoid overloading electrical outlets from plugging in numerous appliances and electronics. Although items such as lamps use only a small amount of electricity, computers, space heaters and refrigerators need a lot of power. If someone uses devices that permit plugging in additional devices, then there is a risk of an electrical overload and fire.

Fire Safety Tip 2: Avoiding Kitchen Fires

The kitchen in a building is one of the most common places where a fire begins, and often it is because of negligence. Make sure to remain nearby when cooking food on traditional stoves or in microwave ovens. Do not place potholders or towels near a stove’s burners, and verify that window curtains cannot blow onto a hot burner.

Fire Safety Tip 3: Using Candles Safely

Many people enjoy burning candles inside a building, but these are frequently left unattended, leading to dangerous situations. Always place a candle inside a fireproof container before lighting it, and make sure to keep the burning candle in a location where children or pets cannot knock it over.

Fire Safety Tip 4: Maintain Furnaces and Fireplaces

Both fireplaces and furnaces require yearly maintenance to avoid an accidental fire. Have a professional chimney sweep inspect, clean and repair the fire pit and chimney stack to ensure that debris is removed and smoke rises quickly. Do not keep clutter around a furnace because it can block proper airflow, and change its air filter once a month to prevent it from overheating.

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In addition, we recommend that our fire damage restoration Bentonville, AR, customers have a working smoke detector and fire extinguishers in a business or home. It is also a good idea to perform fire drills on a regular basis to make sure that everyone remembers where the exits are located inside a building.

Why Mold Grows in Winter Inside a Home


Many individuals assume that mold growth only occurs in a home after a disaster such as a river flooding or a water pipe bursting, but this is not true. Mold frequently develops in buildings during the winter because of the constant temperature changes and damp weather. In addition, some homeowners will close off certain areas of a home to save money on their heating bills, but this leads to conditions that are perfect for mold spores to thrive.

Inspect a Home for Mold

In the winter, homeowners need to complete periodic inspections of the features inside their homes to determine if mold is beginning to grow on surfaces. Several places that mold tends to grow inside a building are around window frames, between panes of glass and on windowsills. If a home is in an area with a lot of snow and ice, then a homeowner may notice a buildup of these substances directly outside the windows.

Replace Windows to Control Mold Problems

The condensation on a home’s window glass indicates that the window frames, panes and caulking are beginning to degrade. If moisture is between two panes of glass, then the windows are in bad condition and require repair or total replacement. When a homeowner decides to have windows fixed by a professional glazier, it is also important to hire the best mold remediation Bentonville, AR, company. Prevent Additional Mold Contamination

When a homeowner needs to replace windows and window frames that are contaminated with mold, the process increases the chance that spores will enter a home’s air and travel into ductwork. After the mold spores enter the venting system inside a home, there is a good chance that mold will begin to grow on insulation layers located between walls or in attics. Most homeowners do not want to replace their windows and frames in the winter, so it is essential to prevent mold growth until the spring. Here are a few ways to cope with mold in a home on windows and frames during the winter:

  • Frequent cleaning – scrub window glass, frames and windowsills
  • Drying – use a cloth or paper towels to remove condensation
  • Regulate humidity – install dehumidifier systems
  • Air circulation – make sure air is circulating inside a home
  • Heating – make sure a home is warm
  • Painting frames – painting keeps mold away from drywall

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Have Pet Stains and Odors Removed From a Home’s Carpets in Just a Few Hours


If you have multiple pets in a home, then it is vital to find an affordable carpet cleaning Bentonville, AR, company to remove ugly stains and horrible odors. With only one dog or cat inside a home, it is hard work to maintain cleanliness, but if you have several animals, then the task becomes more difficult. In addition, as your pets become older or develop health problems, the animals are more likely to make a mess on a home’s carpets, including in hidden areas that are difficult to reach.

Carpets Are Cleaned Quickly

Pet owners working a full-time job and caring for children probably will not have enough time to sanitize wall-to-wall carpets on a regular basis, but we make it easy to have the carpets in your home cleaned several times a year. There are several types of stains and debris that pets leave on your home’s carpets, including:

  • Urine
  • Feces
  • Vomit
  • Paw prints
  • Pet food
  • Fleas or ticks
  • Saliva or drool
  • Hair or fur
  • Grass stains

Many of these substances also create a foul odor in a room immediately, or a smell develops within a few days, but with professional carpet-cleaning methods, you can have a beautiful- looking and odor-free home again.

Our Technicians Have Specialized Training

Removing pet stains and odor from our customer’s carpets is a specialized process to shampoo an entire room’s wall-to-wall carpeting efficiently. Using the wrong chemicals to lift certain types of stains can make the debris look worse instead of better. Fortunately, our technicians have training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration and understand how to remove difficult stains from different types of carpet fibers.

Technicians Analyze a Carpet’s Fibers

The pet urine in your home’s carpets will turn to hard crystals that are stuck deep inside fibers and underlying layers, but one of our technicians will apply an industrial-strength enzymatic pet stain remover product to lift the debris and odor. Alternatively, removing pet feces from carpets requires a different process to avoid pushing the debris deeper into the fibers. No matter whether it is dog drool, paw prints or cat vomit on a carpet, customers can count on our technicians to analyze and dissolve stains before steam cleaning the fibers to eliminate bacteria, insects and viruses.

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Never Try to Remove Flood Water from a Building on Your Own


The Mississippi River flows through Arkansas, and occasionally, it floods certain areas throughout the state. Excess water from this river also enters other waterways such as tributaries, lakes or ponds and can overflow, damaging buildings located nearby. If your home or business suffers from moisture damage because of a flood, then you must contact a professional water damage restoration Bentonville, AR, company. The water that overflows from natural waterways contains filthy substances that will pollute your home or business and lead to severe problems. It is never safe for amateurs to try to extract massive amounts of moisture from a building because of the dangers of crumbling materials and wet electrical wires.

Hire a Company with Professionally Trained Technicians

Rather than trying to perform a cleanup on your own, contact a company that has Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) trained technicians. When property owners select knowledge technicians, it is possible to have water-soaked materials cleaned and restored in the proper way to prevent serious damage. The IICRC offers specialized certificates that include:

  • Odor control technician
  • Commercial drying expert
  • Applied structural drying specialist
  • Applied microbial remediation technician
  • Health and safety technician

Make Sure the Restoration Company Has Specialized Equipment

To have a building restored after a flood occurs, you need to have a large team of workers available who are working on a 24-hour basis. Many restoration companies have cheap equipment that requires 3 to 5 days to dry water-damaged surfaces, and this means that property owners are unable to enter a business or home for nearly a week. When you hire a company to remove moisture from a building, make sure the business has specialized Thermal Energy Systems’ heavy-duty equipment. With this high-quality moisture extraction and drying system, a building is restored in only 30 hours.

Prevent Serious Building Damage with Faster Remediation

Thermal Energy Systems works better than other equipment by increasing the evaporation of moisture to dry all water-soaked surfaces in a flooded building faster. With faster drying, a building is less likely to have secondary damage that often occurs in a few weeks. The types of secondary damage you want to prevent in a flooded building are mildew odor and mold growth, and by drying a building in less than 2 days, surfaces such as drywall and insulation will suffer from fewer problems. Some of the problems that property owners do not want to occur after a flood are:

  • Buckling wooden floors
  • Crumbling drywall
  • Moldy insulation inside walls
  • Damaged electrical wiring
  • Warping wooden cabinets
  • Foul odors from sewage and mildew
  • Mold growth in hidden areas
  • Permanently stained carpets

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Because NWA Restore It, Inc. Inc., offers expert water damage restoration Bentonville, AR, cleaning and remediation services using the Thermal Energy Systems, we can restore our customers’ businesses and homes as quickly as possible. With an efficient cleanup after a flood, our customers are less like to endure huge financial losses that include needing to replace a building’s walls, ceilings and floors. Contact us!